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How Can a Caretaker Check Family’s Health in My Health Records?

In today’s world, it is our responsibility to know about our family members’ health status. They live with you or in long-distance, it doesn’t matter, special attention must be given every then and now to ensure health condition is good. Family health records contain medical information about our family for three generations, so all good and bad genetic information are found immediately – hereditary or sudden cause.  

My Health Records is a digital place to store all the health information includes vaccinations, prescriptions, and surgical reports securely. Emergency contacts, insurance information, and other medical data can be accessed in it. Doctors approve a patient request to see information and give access to their family members.

Family Medical History

  • We have heard it – each individual inherits the genetic properties of their parents. Along with appearance and habits, you get the risk of medical conditions. It reveals the history of disease in your family and identifies the patterns revealing health.
  • It gives information about
    • Severity of disease 
    • Diet and lifestyle habits
    • Medications and treatments
    • Diagnostic results and screening tests
    • Identify family members who are prone to certain disease
    • Disease passing down to next generation
  • By knowing this, doctors cannot predict your current health condition but tell about the risk associated with the long journey. Doctors give personalized care to have prevention to diseases.

Appointment Summary

  • Caretakers of the patient are sent a notification about a recent clinical visit in My Health Records. They can see patient health improvement and decline, so they become conscious and take necessary steps to ensure that the health is in control.
  • Mostly, elderly people have their family in distant places and this makes them see parents’ health records anytime and anywhere. The layout accommodates itself accordingly to the device a person uses to see the information. Patient migrating to other hospital needs authorized access to know clinical information in an emergency. 


  • When a family member undergoes any test, a caretaker is notified and results of the test and radiology images are sent. My Health Records maintains the quality over the decades and is easily accessible, whenever required in a click.
  • Nowadays, immunizations details are important after COVID-19 to ensure dosage is taken at the right time. This sets reminders to both patient and caretaker about upcoming vaccination dates and details from the childhood are collected for future use.


Remembering all the medicine names is not possible all the time for a patient, but by regularly using My Health Records – all information is available anywhere to look into and the follow-up appointment rate is increased.

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