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Hand Dryer Suppliers in Pune: What Factors to Look When Purchasing an Electric Hand Dryer?

Are you currently in the market for superior, high-quality electric hand dryers? Maybe you are setting up a small service business like a restaurant or café. Maybe you want the convenience of having dryers in your home because of the saving you provide.

Whichever the case may be, what you will need is hand dryer suppliers in Pune that provide dependable, reasonably priced electric hand dryers that excel in offering you more bang for your buck.

The Introduction of Automatic Dryers

Automatic dryers have become popular over the years. They are eco-friendly and convenient, but they are also low in maintenance. On top of that, zero waste is produced by using an automatic hand dryer as the air is used to dry the hands instead of using paper towels—one ton of which is equal to at least 17 trees.

When buying an electric hand dryer, an average service business can save at least 24 trees per year. Just imagine the relief that the world would feel if you would all stop using paper towels for the basic task of drying your hands.

Electric Hand Dryer as an Excellent Investment

Electric hand dryers are a good investment when it comes to financial savings. They also save you a bundle in terms of labor costs. It might not seem evident, but the cost of labor in manufacturing, buying, replenishing, and disposing of paper towels is 90% more than the cost of labor incurred by using an automatic dryer over the same period.

Once installed, electric hand dryers don’t need to be constantly maintained or replaced the way a paper towel dispenser does. Nor is there any need to dispose of waste the way there’s with a sanitary hand towel dispenser, which calls for staff to empty them out regularly.

Moreover, hand dryer suppliers in Pune are now coming up with ever more inventive and creative ways to make their items leave even less of a carbon footprint. For instance, World Dryer Corporation has manufactured a machine in the past with low power consumption. Their Air Force model features minimal power consumption of 1,100 watts, proving that electric dryers can work on mere fractions of the energy needed for paper towel manufacture and disposal.

Therefore, it seems that the writing is well and truly on the wall, especially for those arguing the advantages of buying paper roll dispensers or electric hand dryers for their businesses or homes. Installing a hand dryer can be the best you can do for our planet. It will also save you a bundle by way of labor and energy costs by selecting the best hand dryer suppliers in Pune out there.


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