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Hair transplant costs can vary greatly from clinic to clinic for patients who are searching for a minimal procedure. For hair restoration services in Los Angeles, Greatest Hair Transplant has the best prices and the best quality available. Reasons for choosing a minimum hair transplant, costs involved, and what to expect from beginning to end of the process are all covered in detail in this article.


A patient who wants to change the form of their hairline can benefit from a modest hair transplant. Hairline receding and thinning hair may be to blame, or it may be a cosmetic choice. It is possible to enhance one’s facial features by altering one’s hairline.

As a transgender patient nears gender confirmation, a hair transplantation surgery is often used as a way to achieve a new look that better represents their actual self. Some methods for facial hair transplantation can also benefit from minimal hair transplants, especially if the goal is to increase the density of the current facial hair already present.


The Norwood scale is useful in deciding what constitutes a minimum hair transplant. With the Norwood Scale, a doctor can quickly and easily compare a patient’s hair loss to the norms for each stage of balding and establish where he or she stands on the hair loss spectrum. The approximate number of follicular grafts required to carry out a successful hair transplant can also be calculated using this method. The bare minimum for a hair transplant is 1000 follicular grafts.

Stages 1-2 of the NORWOOD SCALE

For the Norwood Scale, there are 7 distinct levels. The intensity and pattern of hair loss are depicted in each stage. In the first stage, there is no noticeable thinning of the hair or receding of the hairline. It’s not required to have a hair transplant at this point. The hairline recedes slightly in Stage 2, and the hair may begin to thin at the temples. Some people call this a mature or adult hairline because of the way it frames the face. That’s because as we get older, our hair follicles begin to shrink. This is a good time to consider a hair transplant for certain individuals, especially if the centre front of the hairline is showing greater thinning.

On average, individuals with a Norwood Scale score of 2 or 2a will require 500-800 follicular grafts. By undergoing a transplant at this stage, you can improve your hairline’s symmetry and add fullness to your facial hair. A modest hair transplant can also be done at this time. A patient’s graft requirement will almost certainly increase as we move up the Norwood scale.

Stages 3 and 4 of the NORWOOD SCALE

Patients in Norwood Stage 3 show the first signs of clinically significant hair loss. The hairline has receded significantly from the temples at this point. A pattern that resembles an M, U, or V will be formed in the hair. To a greater or lesser extent, the receded hairline will reveal more of the scalp in these regions.

When the Hamilton-Norwood Scale and hair class is 3A, there is substantial hair loss on the vertex or crown of the head. A Norwood 3 patient typically needs between 1,000 and 1,400 follicular transplants. At this point, the back of the head’s hair is being assessed to see if there are sufficient grafts to be harvested for the transplant.

When a Norwood scale of 4 or above is reached, more than 1000 grafts will need to be transplanted, making it no longer a minimum hair transplant.

It’s important to know how much a minimal hair transplant will cost you.

For hair transplant services at Best Hair Transplant, the cost is determined by the number of grafts used. At only $5 per graft, we’re the most affordable option in the Los Angeles area. In comparison, hair clinics charge anything from $6 to $12 per graft for the identical service, which is a huge difference! In other cases, these clinics only conduct transplants using robotics. All of the surgeries at Best Hair transplant are done by hand.

Schedule a free appointment to find out if you’re a good candidate for minimum hair transplantation and to obtain a ballpark pricing estimate. To put it another way, we are a cautious organization. As a result, we provide virtual and in-person consultations. Your medical history, treatment goals, and anticipated costs will all be discussed in detail at this appointment. The operation can be scheduled if you opt to go through with the booking process.


FUE is the most often used method for minimizing the number of hair transplants. You’ll have follicular grafts taken from the back of your head and transferred to the recipient area. Local anaesthetic is used for this treatment, which takes place on an outpatient basis. The majority of patients are able to return to their normal routine within a few days of surgery. For the first two weeks of your recovery, you’ll need to follow certain post-surgical guidelines. While your scalp is healing, you won’t be able to wear hats, helmets, or wigs. Aside from not smoking, exercising or swimming until your transplant has healed, you’ll also be asked to avoid direct sunlight for the duration of the healing process.

Hair transplants might take up to a year to fully develop after surgery. During the first month or so following a hair transplant, your transplanted hair will begin to shed. In fact, this is an indication that your transplant was a success because it’s totally typical to experience this. To help their transplants grow, many transplant patients use Minoxidil or low-level laser treatment with laser caps. If you want to explore your long-term treatment options with your doctor, this isn’t strictly necessary.

If you want to save money on your hair transplants, Best Hair transplant is the place to go. To get a better idea of what to expect from your visit, read some of our patients’ reviews and peruse our before-and-after photo gallery. In no time, you’ll realize why our team has acquired a reputation for providing excellent service.


The finest place to get a hair transplant in Los Angeles is Best Hair Transplant. For both men and women, we’ve helped them re-establish their lost locks. But don’t take it from us. We recommend reading up on hair transplantation as much as possible. Before deciding on a treatment for your hair loss, make sure you’ve done all of the preceding steps. The same cannot be said for all surgeries. We’re ecstatic to provide hair restoration services as a top hair transplant clinic, and we’re proud of our accomplishments. To top it all off, we’re delighted to offer low-cost hair transplants and assist you to save money on a range of hair transplants.

View our customer recommendations HERE for peace of mind. Our Google and Yelp reviews are also available. To begin the process of replacing your thinning hair, contact us today.

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