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FUT 21 – Ten Rare Gold Players under One SBC!

When it comes to Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs), incredible new player cards always come to mind.

However, following the current FUTTIES promo campaign, a new SBC has just been revealed which awards you with a set of 85-RatedPlayer Cards (minimum) for essentially free!

 This is a welcome surprise for everyone who is struggling to complete other SBCs in order to unlock exclusive in-game player cards too.

If you wish to redeem ten (10)85-Rated Rare Gold Player Cards in the game today, here is the SBC that you will need to complete:

    • Minimum In-Form (IF) / Team of the Season (TOTS) Players: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 87
    • Minimum Team Chemistry: 30
    • Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11

There are loads of possible player cards that you can receive by completing this SBC today, and you will certainly have the option to include them into your current Ultimate Team (UT) line-up, or simply use them again to complete other SBCs as well.

This opportunity expires on 4th August 2021 (Wednesday), so be sure to complete this easy task as soon as possible.

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FUT 21 – Try Out Ronaldinho Today!

Who doesn’t know the Brazilian legend, Ronaldinho?

His mesmerizing runs, deft touches, sublime skills, and even his glorious finesse shots and powerful long range drives too!

These were amongst his greatest assets during his prime years playing for clubs like AC Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

In FUT 21, with the ongoing FUTTIES promo campaign still active, it would seem that Ronaldinho will finally receive his own extraordinary player card in the game too!

Ronaldinho’s ‘Icon’ Player Card will sport a 95 Overall Rating, and has A LOT of Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) for you to complete in order to unlock him today.

Here is what you will get with the latest Ronaldinho card:

Ronaldinho’s ‘Icon’ Player Card: OVR 95

  • Dribbling: 97
  • Pace: 95
  • Shooting: 95
  • Passing: 92
  • Physical: 83
  • Defending: 39

However, if you’re still sceptical about putting him into your squad, why not try him out on loan first?

If you wish to test the waters with Ronaldinho, here is the only SBC that you will need to complete right now:

    • Minimum number of Players from Brazil: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 82
    • Minimum Team Chemistry: 80
    • Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11

You will be able to play Ronaldinho for the next five (5) games in Ultimate Team (UT) before he expires again.

To loan him into your squad today, be sure to complete the SBC before 4th of October 2021.

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