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Five Classic Handbags Every Woman Should Own

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We are ready to get into a new season of fashion. This season is expected to be lust-worthy because of the special brands and items. Are you going to shop things from Ounass store? This is one of the largest online stores for fashion lovers in KSA. The couponksa.com also recommends buying from this store especially after applying ounass promo code.

We know that majority of the Saudi women love to have western attires. They like to wear what famous European and American fashion models are wearing. Here are the examples of handbags by top international brands women should buy immediately.

The Mini Jodie:

Thanks to Bottega Veneta as it always comes with special options for the users. Saudi women don’t need big bags because they don’t move out frequently. Whether it is a short day trip or a family gathering, the fashion experts suggest using The Mini Jodie.

This handbag is perfect for the feminine look. With this bag of style, it is easy to carry all the essentials. Focus on the mini bags and learn more about the competing brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci, By Far and Yuzefi in order to find more beautiful designs.

The Prada Cleo:

This is a nostalgic handbag that will bring you in the 90s. Do you remember the Cleo’s trend in this time? Thanks to the Prada for bringing the handbag back in the trends. This is a considerable leather brand for ladies who like to have luxurious choices with ounass promo code.

Consider the Cleo’s products while seeing the amazing designs by Saint Laurent, Fendi, By Far, and Wandler. Discover the new season’s collection while you choose the best such as The Prada Cleo.

Bottega Veneta Pouch:

Well, it is not a true pouch but has reflection of it. Thanks to the Bottega Veneta for offering a tremendous design that it ideal for all seasons. We recommend the seasonal updates available at the couponksa.com. This platform not only shares the knowledge about discounts but also provides updates about the trending fashions and accessories. Discover the best products by Themoire, Saint Laurent, and Mansur Gavriel in order to see the best pouch inspirations.

The Gucci Diana:

Do you like handbags with handles? Well, Gucci has something favorable for the users. The Gucci Diana is one of the most famous and attractive pieces in this category. It comes with a fluorescent belt and bamboo handle. It seems very easy to have the practical handbags that will fulfill the style requirements. Consider the ounass promo code if you like to purchase the classic Gucci Diana or other substitute such as by Jimmy Choo’s Varenne Top Handle Bag.

The Balenciaga Hourglass:

It is not a bag that the women with hourglass body shape will wear. It is for everyone. This bag offers a modern appeal from a very distinctive point of view. Girls who always like to cash the body curves should bring this handle right now. The competing substitutes of this bag include the names such as Valentino and Mulberry.

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