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Find out the importance of having Painted Edge Business Cards for your business.

Painted Edge Business Cards

Are you fed up of not being denoted properly with your wearisome and flimsy white paper monotonous cards? Well, a business card is the visual print presentation of your brand or the services you are going to provide. Possing such sort of business card to circulate among the customers of your business shows professionalism and your legitimacy.

Hence designing your business cards in such a way that will present you most prominently in front of your client is very much important. Thus deciding the composition of your card figure and typography, and the type of finish between matte and glossy is questionable. It is fully based up to your mind, that which coat will suits you better to serve the purpose?

Painted edge business cards, will help you to represent your business brand. It maintains your professionalism while showing your brand’s fun and stylish side. Their painted edges carry out a valiant look that weeps credence in creating a persisting impression on customers.

How the painted edge business cards are manufactured?

Painted edge business cards are pulled on premium 32PT thick, durable, and uncoated card sheets. As compared to a standard credit card they are slightly thicker than them. This sort of material is obtainable in 17 colors, as well as gold and other metallic colors are used to bring some glitter.

you can opt for the following customized sizes, such as –

  • 2” x 3.5”
  • 2.125” x 3.375”
  • 2.5” x 2.5”

These sorts of cards are very much popular in the following professional fields. Such as-

  • photographers
  • designers, and
  • other creative professionals.

who recognize their essentiality in their professionalism. These sort of color printing cards helps by fortifying the luxury image of upscale brands, making them welcome in the boutique lines and shops.

Pros of using painted edge business cards:-

Fabricating a business card doesn’t mean defending or waiving out your brand identification. A little sketch is just enough to be graceful, and professional while amplifying your brand.

So let us quickly go through some of the benefits of using painted edge business cards that will provide to your business –

  • Twig to the necessity.

It provides your potential customer to easily identify your business, product, or services you are selling to them. These sorts of cards are very small to print the contents of your company’s website. So based on the essentiality make a limit by giving the company logo, business name, and two lines of contact information, including the official company website or social media handle.

  • Helps to enhance your perceptibility.

If you want to be above your expectation and be top position in your field than others then using these painted edge business cards will be suitable for you. A subtle stripe or marking in a gloss coating on a matte card is eye-catching without snooping with the clarity or readability of your card. It will help you to draw the attention of the customer.

  • Enhance your credence.

Un-professionalism comes out when you use a business card with dense text and figures, which are hopeless. Conservative greed to outline emit confidence in your brand, and build up the trust that your audience is looking after to opt for your service.

  • Better readability.

Whether using too much information and busy images, your design should speak.  Try to increase the font point size for greater readability to maintain a visual hierarchy, such as your company name must be bigger than your address and phone number. The company’s sign or name should be set in a fancy script font, but don’t use such for contact information.

  • Helps to build up interest.

A significant design will make your audience curious and uplift them to engage your brand. Avoid the use of a monotonous card template and opt for dynamic outlines that have 2” x 3.5” canvas in a crisp, creative way.

Thus, these are the essentiality of possing such types of cards. It will help to add your brand or your company in a proper way towards your potential customers. Painted edge business cards are very much recognizable for the valiant look that weep credence in building up an impression on the customers.

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