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Everything You Need to Know About Hindi Literature Video

Hindi Literature, Poetry, and Prose move back to at least one thousand ages of their origin, style, and form. For centenaries, the coinage ‘Hindi Literature’ has been in constant practice to imply it could be different from other languages but it is inseparable. Earlier, British Raj gave the name ‘Hindostani’ from the two most spoken languages which are Hindi and Urdu to the mix of these two kinds of literature which is the third most-spoken literature in the world, following Mandarin and English.

Simply to know, the story behind the Hindi Literature Video can be summed up by listing the major advancements into different periods listed as below;

  1. Aadi Kaal or Vir-Gaatha Kaal (c. 1050 to 1375)
  2. Bhakti Kaal (c. 1375 to 1700)
  3. Riti-Kavya Kaal (c. 1700 to 1900)
  4. Aadhunik Kaal (c. 1900 onwards)

Some of the most prevalent kinds of Hindi Literature are Doha, Kavitt, Geet, Mukt Chhand, Sorathha, Chaupaii, Kundalia, Rola, and Ghazal.

The origin of the word ‘Hindi’ sprawls in Persian as commonly used by Dr. Mohammed Iqbal in his national poem “Hindi Hain Hum, Watan Hai HindostaaN Humaara” (We are Indian and we belongs to India, our motherland is Hindustan).

Linguistically, Hindi is addressed in the Devanagari script and applies more Sanskrit & traditional words, but when it comes to other languages like Urdu, Urdu is written in the Perso-Arabic script and applies more Arabic and Persian words.

Mridula Garg videotapes her acclaimed Hindi concise literature in her voice: Sitam Ke Fankaar

As a member of Hindi Utsav, Achala Sharma of Cineink had briefly examined Mridula Garg about her profession and experience which is also available on the Cineink website. If you want to go through it, please visit the website.

Mridula Garg is from New Delhi, India, got the Sahitya Academy Award for her Hindi Hindi Miljul Mann. She has also announced more than 30 books of her stories, short tales, plays, and collections of essays.

She has transposed and addressed in English as well. The composition comprises such as

  • Chittacobra (Novel, translated from her Hindi, Chittacobra, 1999)
  • A Touch of Sun (Novel, translated from Hindi, Uske Hisse Ki Dhoop, 1978)
  • Country of Goodbyes (Novel, translated from Hindi, Kathgulab, 2003)
  • Daffodils On Fire (Short Stories, 1990)
  • Anitya Halfway to Nowhere (Novel, translated from Hindi, Anitya, 2010)
  • The Last Email (Novel originally in English, 2017)

This one of the examples of Hindi Literature Video, if you want to listen and watch more literature videos, please feel free to visit the Cineink website. In case of any doubt or query related to the content, please get in touch with us. We would be very happy to revert to you back.

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