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Did you know a cruise vacation is one of the safest holiday options? Here’s why

Due to the current situation we are facing, a lot of people are dreaming about going on a vacation for a very long time but are not able to execute it due to fear of the virus. You could plan your cruise trip as it is one of the safest holiday options available at the moment. Here are a few reasons why a cruise vacation is safe in India.

  1. The cruises have included strict COVID-19 safety measures

The cruises have some strict COVID-19 measures which are to be followed by everyone coming on board for the Cruise trip. They check the temperature of everyone during the check-in process. Depending on the temperature check, some people may be asked to undergo additional health checkups or could even be permitted to onboard the cruise. People who are above the age of 70 years need to carry a certificate from their doctor stating that they can travel and are fit to be on the cruise.

2. They practice social distancing at all times

While travelling on a cruise in India, they have a strict rule to practice social distancing in public areas as per the guidelines imposed on them. They make sure that there aren’t many public gatherings on the cruise and that there is no inconvenience caused to anyone.

3. There are medical facilities onboard for you to avail if necessary

There is a medical team available 24/7 on the cruise at all times which you could avail of if needed. They even provide an isolation ward on the cruise if required. The medicines and masks are checked and reviewed before and after each trip so that the medicines are not out of stock. The medicinal wastes are treated properly and adhere to the guidelines set by the World Health Organization.

4. All the crew members make sure to follow all safety protocols

The entire crew members follow all the safety protocols for the cruise trip. They wear a mask at all times and sanitise everything before using it. They undergo temperature checks twice a day and avoid any activity if they aren’t feeling well.

5. All the areas on the cruise are sanitised in regular intervals

All the areas and touchpoints on the cruise are sanitized in regular intervals. They even sanitise the sheets of your beds and all the public areas on the cruise. This ensures safety on the cruise.

6. The cruise has an air filtration system

Almost every Cruise in India  has an air filtration system. This system filters the fresh air on the cruise and then supplies it to your cabins (rooms) and all the public areas on the cruise. This helps in keeping a healthy environment on the cruise and to supplying clean air on the cruise.

You can enjoy your vacation on a cruise safely as it is one of the safest holiday options available to you at the moment.

We hope that this article proved to be helpful and that you plan your vacation on a cruise. Thank you and stay safe!

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