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Concerned about remote employees’ productivity? Here is how to boost!

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The global pandemic has increased the prospects of working remotely. The ‘online office’ has gained prominence and many people have established online working set-ups.

This concept has revolutionized the lives of both employers and employees.

It has come with a greater number of challenges for employers.

When the functioning of an organization or a business shifts to virtual platforms.

Owners need to ensure that productivity and rise in profits are the least affected.

It is essential to maintain the business profit, making employees work comfortably online while checking their performance to minimize losses

.When workers work from home, the risk in businesses increases that compels owners to monitor.

their performance so that they are able to maximize profits. With absolutely no scrutiny of employees ‘activity, a business might suffer a decline.

Therefore, it is essential to monitor the remote working of employees in a fashion that can benefit both the employers and employees.

Here are some of the major ways that online business owners can use to enhance the productivity of employees and increase their profits.

URL blocking and web-filtering

A survey has shown that 69% of men and 62% of women admit that they use the internet for personal reasons during work hours. This provides the employers with the right reasons to see what type of URLs are being visited by their teams.

So that they are able to address potential productivity concerns.

For example, if an employee spends a lot of time doing online shopping during work hours and has failed to respond to the office duties in a timely manner, he is not interested in the job and wasting the company’s time and energy.

There is some employee monitoring software that offers the managers detailed social media monitoring that can enable them to see who is logging on to Instagram, how often, and for how long. In this way, the productivity level of employees can be checked smoothly that significantly affecting their performance and the overall business activity.

Best spy software for Android and iOS track time and data management

Time tracking features in some of the best spy software for Android and iOS give the managers the authority to monitor how their employees spend time online during work hours.

While the workers might think, they can use their work time to do other activities.

This feature might disappoint them as they are under regular checking by their owners.

Employers who use the time tracking feature can produce a better estimation of their employees’ activity. There are many industries that use this feature to do file tracking, transfers, and conversions. The recording of USB and printer access and their usage can also be carried out easily using this feature.

Viewing statistics

Viewing statistics from their private network can help managers see who logged in and how for long and deduce from it the worker’s productivity data.

There are some organizations in which when staff does not open work applications early in the morning, are potentially registered as late for work with unsatisfactory levels of productivity.

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Predicting and Flagging Tools

Using predicting and flagging tools in your choice of the best spy software for Android and iOS, an employer can record the computer activities like browsing history, file downloads, and e-mail exchanges. Some managers take screenshots of screens that show what apps their workers are using and with whom they are interacting. It can open applications and files, email, and video calls that reveal the online activity of employees.

Use a project task management app

For a business to flourish in the right direction, it is imperative to have a follow-up from employees regarding their activities so that they know they have to finish the task on time.

By making use of project task management apps, an owner will be able to track the daily performance of his workers and enable them to meet deadlines.

In this manner, the delay in any activity that may retard the business growth can be prevented and helps in streamlining workers’ progress and proficiency.

Best spy software for Android or iOS tracking e-mail activity of employees

Most employers keep a check on their workers using the best spy software for Android and iOS that can help them track the e-mail activity of their employees. This enables them to know with whom they contact regarding their business growth and what kind of deals they are involved in.

It might also help them to reveal the employees’ non-compliance to the company’s rules when working online and in private from home. The relationship of employees with the business competitors and partners can also be detected by tracking their response to them via emails.

It is important to oversee the online activity and day-to-day performances of employees so that their regular work remains unaffected. When working from home, the employees should be cognizant of the monitoring practices so that they remain vigilant and carry out their tasks effectively.

However, a robust level of trust should be present between the employers and employees when employing the monitoring system so that they do not react negatively when penalized in case of violating the rules.

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