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The Capilus RX TM 312 laser Cap is now available through Pizarro Hair Restoration.

Capillus laser caps are now flexible. Capillus laser caps are now equipped with the latest design of flexible fitting which provides a comfier and more flexible fitting. The new design for the FDA Cleared laser cap by Capillus is the latest treatment for loss of hair.

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Do you discover yourself changing the way you style your hair in order to hide the ever-wider area?

Do you have to spend hours smoothing your hair before the mirror in order to add greater volume and volume thin hair?

Are you worried about doing your hair’s washing or styling too often in fear that hair might fall out?

Do you see an increase in hairs in your brush following you’ve brushed?

If you do, you’re not alone.


The Capilus Rx TM 312 laser Cap is now available by Pizarro Hair Restoration.

Capillus Laser caps now have a flexible fitting design. Capillus laser caps are now equipped with the latest, an adjustable fitting design that provides the most comfortable and flexible fitting. The new design of the FDA Cleared laser cap by Capillus is the next-generation treatment to treat hair loss.


The brand new six-minute procedure Capilus RX 312 laser cap with a flex shape has been FDA Cleared and clinically proven to stimulate hair follicles, encourage hair growth and boost hair fullness and density while rejuvenating damaged hair. It utilizes laser light beams with 650nm wavelengths that come from 312 laser diodes with 5mW power, which fit perfectly inside the cap. This is the strongest laser cap that promotes hair growth that covers the whole scalp.

For low-level laser therapy such as the Capillus laser cap can be portable and utilizes batteries so that you can decide when and how to utilize it, whether when you return back from work, working on your computer, or at home watching T.V. There’s no need for the interruption to your routine. Hair growth laser caps need minimal cleaning or brushing of your hair No messy creams, no daily trips to the office.

The new flex-fitting laser cap is the largest amount of lasers as well as the greatest coverage for simultaneous use of any other laser cap device available and has forty more lenses than Capillus272 Pro(TM). This is the first cap for laser therapy to offer 6-minute daily treatments.

The Capillus RX New Version offers the most powerful laser energy output in just 6 minutes of daily treatments.

We can see why so many hair growth laser products are flooding the market. Hair loss, thinning, balding, and alopecia areata can be prevented and stopped with laser therapy. Here, I compare the features, benefits, and cons of the Laser Cap with the Capillus.

Two years ago, I noticed an increase in hair losing and thinning. I was terrified to see a bald area on my head because I avoid severe hairstyles and treatments. Since I was adopted, I had no way of knowing if anyone in my family had alopecia, so I consulted with my doctor about laser hair growth possibilities. Hence, the Laser Cap vs Capillus 


Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, your nutrition, your daily routine, and the products you use to care for your hair. Even if you’re doing everything you can to keep your hair healthy, your genes may be to blame for alopecia, thinning hair, and receding hairlines. However, if caught early enough, permanent hair loss can be reversed. That’s why I sought treatment with a laser before things got out of hand.

A Laser Cap

If you’re looking for a laser cap that doesn’t have the brand name in the product name, it may be a little difficult. While researching laser treatment devices for the relief of shoulder, back, knee, and joint pain, I came across the Laser Cap by YANUO.


It was significantly less expensive than a similar diode Capillus cap for a 272-laser diode. The laser gadget is neatly concealed in the sports cap. You can wear it at home or when out for a walk or a jog in the fresh air.


Only wear it for 30 minutes every other day, and don’t wear it on days you don’t wear it. Automatically, the cap was removed after a predetermined amount of time had passed.


  • Hands-free
  • Indoor use is not the only option.
  • Cost-effectively increasing the number of laser diodes.

Flexible and light




  • My hair had undergone just minor transformations.
  • Recharging was a problem for me too frequently.


 Patients can now benefit from this effective FDA-approved home-use laser device to create stronger, thicker hair that is more durable and resilient. Hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia can be effectively treated with the CapilluRx 312’s professional-grade laser treatment, which is safe, effective, and has been clinically established.

FDA Clearance. CapilluRx 312 has been cleared by FDA. The FDA has approved Capillu Rx 312 to treat androgenic alopecia.


One of the most effective laser devices to treat hair loss that you can find, the New CapillusRx 312 uses low-level light therapy to rejuvenate hair to create greater volume, more full, and healthier hair. This CapillusRx 312 mobile device can be used at home, or when you are going about your daily activities, without disrupting your daily routine. Lasers are working in your cap as you do your daily activities trying to improve your hair health and repair your hair.

The new CapillusRx 312 is typically recommended to be used with other treatments for hair restoration which include hair transplants or topically applied treatments (Rogaine(r)) and prescription medicines (Propecia(r)).

Patients who have received hair transplants should use it is recommended that the CapillusRx 312 is used as an instrument to keep transplanted hair. The New CapillusRx 312 has been shown to increase hair strength and help prevent it from thinning over time in just a few home sessions each week. It also helps keep the hair that surrounds the hair transplanted healthy, and also reduces inflammation following hair transplantation.

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