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Buying or Selling a House? Here is How a Home Inspection Works

A home inspection helps ID areas of the home that would require an update or repair before selling it. The home inspection is necessary as it helps the buyer make an informed decision while purchasing a property.

According to a famous realtor who has been serving in the capital said that almost 99 per cent of people go for a home inspection before purchasing the home.  The realtor also added that a buyer’s home inspection is considered a standard part of the contract sales agreement.

What does a home inspection include?

There are almost 10 items that are inspected by the home inspectors according to the American Society of Home Inspectors. The items are listed below:

  • Structural system
  • Exterior
  • Plumbing system
  • Electrical system
  • Heating system
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Interior
  • Insulation and Ventilation
  • Fireplaces

Home inspectors usually inspect those parts which are visible to them and they do inspect the insides of the wall or the roof. The home inspector notes down all the potential defects and allows the sellers to get them fixed in time and also let the buyer know about them.

Structure of Home

A home must be structurally sound so that it can withstand storms and extreme weather. Moreover, the structure must be safe from the outside environment; both the foundation and frame. The inspector inspects the attic and the crawl spaces of the home to view if there is any kind of issue there. The inspector also inspects the floor, wall and ceiling of the home.


The exterior of the home contains siding and roof and the inspector takes a closer look at both of the items. They use the ladder to climb up the roof and inspect it closely to see if there is any damage present on the roof.  They will look at the shingles and many other parts.

Roof and Roof drainage

The roof drainage is one of the most important parts of the roof system. The drainage system is responsible for keeping the roof water-free and allows the water to drain through the pipes. The inspectors take a closer look at all the drainage pipes and make sure none of them is clogged or damaged because of any reason.

Moreover, a good inspector will give your information about the age of the roof and the condition for how long it can last.


Usually, the home plumbing is not visible and it is difficult to inspect these. However, the home inspectors inspect the fuel tanks, hot water tanks, faucets, chimneys and sewage pipes to ensure that everything is covered and under control.

Moreover, the home inspector will note that what kind of pipe the seller is using and if there is any damage to these pipes the home inspector also let the buyer know.


The home inspector keeps a close eye on the electrical system of the home such as wires, appliances and other such electrical items. Moreover, the home inspector also checks the panel box and the condition of the wires. The information collected by the home inspector enables the buyers to know whether they would be able to use their electric heating system or not.


The home inspector is also responsible for inspecting the working and condition of the HVAC. They also ensure that the air is ventilating perfectly from the ventilators and no humidity is present in the attic as it can damage the roof of the house.


The home inspector inspects the walls, floors and ceiling of the house and makes sure that there is no humidity or growth of mold or mildew which can release a foul odor and can damage the aesthetics of the house.

FireplacesMississippi Farmland For Sale

The home inspector also inspects the fireplace of the home and the fuel-burning appliances present in them. The inspector records everything even if there is minute damage to the fireplace or chimney of the house.

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