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Best Tips for Choosing the Right Tyre for Your Vehicle

Tyres are undoubtedly a critical component of your car. They are as important as the engine but often car owners overlook their role in imparting car safety. In a perfect world, no one would have to deal with the hassle of replacing or changing the tyre set in their cars.

A lot of factors cause the breakdown of your tyres and you cannot escape the fact that when the tyres break down, it is time to replace them. Otherwise, you will seriously hamper your safety and the overall performance of your vehicle. This process can be an overwhelming one. But it can be a lot easier if you keep in mind the tips mentioned below.

Pick tyres that suit the model of the car you drive

Tyre models are developed to suit the myriad types of vehicles in the market. As a car owner, you should be fully aware of your model and choose Car Tyres Nottingham that is specially developed for it. Do not go about exploring ultra-high-performance sports tyres if you drive an SUV.

2. Go for the same set of tyres that came when you purchased the car

Car owners often do not pay attention to the tyres when they are purchasing a new vehicle primarily because they are an inherent part of the vehicle.

You can also go through the driver’s manual to know precisely which tyre model you should consider.

3. Choose the right size of tyre

Go through your owner’s manual and determine the size and type specifications of the tyre for your car. There you will find a series of alphabets and numerals. You can read them by following the example below.

195 is your tyre’s tread width that is measured in millimetres.

55 is the tread width percentage that makes up the sidewall height.

R means the radial construction of the tyre.

16 denotes the wheel diameter.

87 implies your tyre’s load index.

V means the speed rating of your tyre.

Tyre size is demonstrated by the rim size, tread width, and sidewall height.

  • Rim size – The size of the tyre should be equal to that of the rim on which you want to fit it. A bigger rim will reduce the height of the sidewall, and in turn, will impact the performance of your car.
  • Tread width – The decision to choose tread width depends on the vehicle and your needs. A wider tread is a great option if you want to maintain high speeds while cornering or if your car produces a lot of power.
  • Sidewall height – The next step is to select a sidewall height that will assist in keeping the total size of the new tyre same as that of the old tyres.

4. Study the driving conditions

Your regular driving terrains and weather conditions should also govern your decision to purchase a quality set of Dunlop Tyres Nottingham. For example, if you drive on paved roads, you can use highway tyres. You can use mud-terrain tyres if you drive on rocky trails, mud, and gravel.

All-season tyres are a great option because they can be used in both summers and winters. But in some areas where winters are especially harsh, you should definitely look into winter tyres for your vehicle.

Buying the right set of tyres is crucial for any driver. Keep checking the tread depth of your tyres and implement the above-mentioned tips to buy new tyres when their tread depth reaches 1.5 millimetres.

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