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Best hotels to get married in Rajasthan

The Neemrana Fort Palace has restored the 15th century  Fort palace. This palace has come to mean many things. The architecture of this beautiful palace is a unique example of utter waste turned into a 14- tiered marvel with palace wings. For guests, this palace is a historical experience along with the high- modern comforts. The upper levels of the northern wing can be accessed by the car. This architectural wonder is laid by spectacular scenes. This is one of the vintage palaces that you would like to hold on to. A destination wedding or an intimate wedding will be the best.

 The Chomu Palace is an elegant- fortified palace. This hotel revives the gracious lifestyle of the princes of Rajasthan. Chomu Palace was laid by Thakur Karan Singh Ji between 1606 and 1621. It offers unmatchable quiet, elegant and quite regal experience and ambiance. The traditional luxury of this palace goes hand-in-hand with the magnificent grandeur it offers. The caring and soothing hospitality, the royal decor and the state-of-the-art technology makes it perfect to host fat Indian weddings. If you are planning for a grand celebration, that becomes the talk of the town. Come to Chomu Palace

 Radiation Jodhpur – It is a boutique hotel that blends ancient style architecture along with modern amenities. Wow! This will make your stay in the Sun City. This upscale property provides enormous dining options. Sit and stare at the amazing 15th century artifacts. It is a perfect destination wedding setting that allows ample indoor and outdoor Banquet Space.

 Ajit Bhawan Palace- Built in 1923 for the great Maharaja Ajit Singh. The true essence of the Beauty. An oasis of magical powers dwindles with a world that will make you stop and stare. This beautiful resort has the foundation of a legacy and is part of the history of Jodhpur. Weddings out here can be enriching as well as leave an unique experience for a lifetime. Add this beautiful comfort of joy and make your wedding a fairy-tale one.

TC Rajputana, Jaipur- Rajasthan’s traditional havelis are located in the heart of the city. Its guests can immerse in romance and magnificent of the royal era. Long corridors, secluded courtyards, and the dazzling fountains are a remembrance of our long past. This property is infused with a modern, uncluttered feel – this is a combination that makes this property a truly distinguished one. If you select this property, You can opt for the premium and platinum services of your guests.

 Rohet Garh is a classified Heritage hotel that is nurtured and developed with great love. It is one of the finest heritage hotels in India. It is situated on the banks of a river and is a perfect venue that allows relaxation. Likewise, it has the highest standards in quality and efficiency. It offers an experience that it’s guests can hardly think of, Rohet Garh has hosted some of the most prominent personalities of time- Bruce Chatwin, William Dalrymple etc. The rooms in Rohet Garh are completely unique from one another and are capable of hosting grand weddings and events.

 Shiv Niwas Villas – If offers beautiful and different suites for its guests. They all carry its own power and individuality. Unparalleled splendor and spaciousness is the characteristic of each room. Your wedding guests will love this property. Visit here often as the property still remains a royal guesthouse. It’s beautiful and one would love to stay here as the hospitality will be like a second home.

 Ananta Udaipur – It provides a stunning backdrop. It is famous for creating fairy-tale-like-experiences. Offering the first class premium services to your guests. It has contemporary villas that are coupled with beauty, leisure, and scenic views. This beautiful hotel crafts a unique escape in the beautiful city of lakes. Spread across 95 acres of lush greens, two eclectic and largest banquet halls in Rajasthan.

 Bal Samand Lake palace is located on the Mandore Road. It overlooks the Balsamand Lake. A true spectacle of view and aura. It is built in red sandstone and enjoys typical Rajput architecture. The Lake was artificially created in the 13th century so that it can act as a water reservoir. Select this property if you are looking for a more scenic view and off the countryside experience.

Jagat Niwas Palace is one of the heritage mansions that surmounts the architecture and decor. Aim not only on providing a comfortable and memorable wedding but also an opulence in Rajasthani Culture and hospitality. It has more than 35years of experience in the hospitality industry, and it welcomes you to a high – revel experience. If you know, Rajputs are famous for their grace, valor and traditions. This property will let you feel every bit of it.

Umaid Bhawan Palace- It is a modern heritage hotel. World-class Rajasthani accommodation. It is run by a family of Rathores and happens to be one of the finest properties in Jaipur. The traditional style of – beautiful carved balconies, attractive courtyards, lovely garden and antique furnishings. It offers an unique exotic traditional Rajasthani ambience.  Ranked as one of the best run budget hotels in Jaipur. It offers your guest a pleasant, comfortable home away from home. Host your splendid wedding here.

Above are some of the best hotels that one can look for in Rajasthan. Be sure to hit on your check-list while selecting any of the above. There is some level of specialty that you can expect in each of the properties above. This is what makes them unique and distinguishes them from all. These are the locations that will drive you utterly crazy. Look into each of them and come to a point. Where you are sure to host your grand wedding. You can also look for a wedding planner in Jaipur- Konark Events. An experience of 16 years with hosting luxurious and premium weddings.

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