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Benefits of Glass Equipment in Processing Facilities

Glass may not be the first material that springs to mind when thinking about a process plant’s aesthetics, but it is the best option for many purposes. The following are some perks of glass handling equipment.

High Levels of Chemical and Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is unmatched in glass equipment for saline solutions, organic compounds and halogens such as chlorine and bromine. When exposed for lengthy periods and at temperatures exceeding 100°C, it is far more resistant to chemical assault than most metals and other materials. It’s also possible to assess the thickness of your equipment’s walls if you’re concerned about corrosion rates and want to keep track of how your procedure is working.

Surfaces with the best qualities.

Some building materials are more difficult to maintain than others in terms of cleaning. That doesn’t include Glass! Borosilicate glass is a common choice for operations that require easy cleaning due to its nonporous surface and ability to resist the development of sticky or viscous materials. In addition, because of its openness, you can observe when maintenance on equipment is needed without disrupting production to conduct an internal examination.

Unrivalled Exposure

With glass equipment, you can see what is happening within your system without any obstructions, monitoring your operation better. Brown-coated Glass can provide additional protection for compounds that are sensitive to light. Sections coating, an extra covering that may be added to the glass surface to provide further protection against scratches, blows, and splintering, is also an option if mechanical pressures on the Glass are a concern.

Glass, like any other alternative, has a few drawbacks that we need to consider:

Uncoordinated Approaches

For the most part, glass handling equipment will only show signs of corrosion when exposed to hydrofluoric acid, concentrated phosphoric acid, or compelling caustic solutions. However, borosilicate glass can take caustic solutions up to 30% at ambient temperatures without issue.

The Size Scale

Even though the compact form of Glass may be an advantage in many plants where space is plenty, the available size range of Glass may be prohibitive for systems that need to handle more enormous volumes in some cases. Combining glass-lined goods and glass components can solve your plant’s size constraint.

Precautions should be taken when operating.

Other building materials don’t have the same restrictions on mechanical and thermal shocks as concrete. Even if additional precautions are required, the material can run reliably and efficiently if the proper recommendations are adhered to.

You may not have first considered using Glass in the building of your new plant, but after learning about the numerous benefits it provides, you may want to reconsider. Working with Glass doesn’t have to be scary. It is possible to extend the life and performance of your system by using a material that is resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

Types of Glass Handling Equipment

Manual handling of glass plates can avoid OSHA-related injuries, such as strains and sprains. Glass transportation was reduced to boost production.

A wide range of glass and window handling equipment is available at reasonable costs. Many may be tailored to meet the specific demands of your company.

Glass dollies are available in various forms, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Floor dollies, centre divider dollies, Low-E shipping racks, twin level dollies, harp-type dollies, and short finger dollies are all available.

Another popular item is CartCaddy. At least two persons are generally needed for moving racks and glass dollies, which can take long. Using CartCaddy, you may save time and money by automating this operation, which only takes one person.

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