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Automated Storage & Retrieval System Selection: What to Ponder

Automated Storage

An automated solution for storing and retrieving products in the facility or warehouse is entitled as automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). Its types include horizontal and vertical carousels, vertical lift modules, robotic shuttle systems, and crane-based mini-load ASRS. 

These storage solutions not only help manage warehouse operations flawlessly but deliver a better ROI to the business. Its selection should be done carefully and is dependent on many factors. Do you know what those factors are? If you want to know them, read this blog post further. 

  1. Components

First and foremost, analyze the components of ASRS. Usually it has four main parts including computer management system, storage and retrieval (S/R) equipment, storage rack and the input/output system. Automated storage solutions are of many types. It depends on your products’ specifications and manufacturing environment which equipment you have to utilize. 

Before coming in terms with the vendor, just negotiate with him about the components and the functionality of the storing and retrieval system. It is better to have the ideal system for handling the items in a pain-free way. One of the top manufacturers of automated storage and retrieval components is Huron Technology Corp.  

  1. Warehouse Height

If your warehouse height is enough then go for vertical lift modules. This will help save warehouse space effectively. These modules contain two sets of trays accompanied by an inserter / extractor in the centre. These have adjustable shelves so you don’t have to invest on other storage solutions. According to the height of the items, the height of the shelves could be adjusted. 

That’s how, it also facilitates in increasing the storage capacity. Within a small facility, you could store several items. But still, if you don’t want to have vertical lift modules then considering the warehouse height you could use other storage and retrieval equipment. 

  1. Throughput

This is one of the most significant factors in choosing accurate storage and material handling automation solutions. Don’t forget to ask this question to the material handling solutions provider. Which equipment will be offering more throughput? Opting horizontal carousels can provide a throughput of 550 lines within an hour.

On the other hand, if a vertical lift module is opted then the throughput will be up to 130 trays in an hour. Keeping in view the throughput of all the equipment, you could select the high yielding ones. 

  1. Items for Storage

To acquire cutting edge automated storage and retrieval tools, examine the size and weight of items in the warehouse. Moreover, what is the quantity of these items? And also, keep in check whether the specifications of the items will vary with time or not? 

Keeping into account all these aspects, select the automated storage solution. There could be horizontal or vertical carousels, floor robots, robotic cube storage and vertical buffer and lift modules etc. For maximizing warehouse space and handling and retrieving items easily, vertical lift modules could be your solution. 

  1. Budget

Market is already saturated with businesses offering storage and retrieval systems. Which one to choose? Set your budget for the tools. Research about companies and contact the trusted and leading companies like MWI Solutions

They offer automated storage and retrieval systems at a friendly budget. Your dealing with them will make you optimize warehouse activities with the right tools. Make your investment worthy with better inventory control. 

When all is said and done

It matters a lot to have the appropriate automated storage and retrieval system. Take your warehouse and business operations to the next level by selecting the automating warehouse solutions considering these factors. You will definitely have a better outcome.

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