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Assets and tools to design your own T-shirt

Assets! There are literally a lot of websites offering free and premium visual assets – vectors, symbols, brushes, design elements, foundations, photographs, photo effects, and a lot more. Whether you choose to go with premium or free assets, one thing you need to check – the intellectual property rules consistently. Particularly in case you will put your T-shirt design for the mass deal. Either way, you need to ensure that you reserve the options to utilize the assets you are downloading. 

Tools! The selection of tools exceptionally relies upon the experience you have with professional visual depiction software. The absolute most mainstream software decisions of graphic designers are: 

Adobe Illustrator 

A vector-based realistic software that is a part of the Adobe Suite. It is additionally the top decision of most visual designers around the world. The software works in vector format, which is a perfect solution when you will likely accomplish a fresh, straightforward T-shirt design. It would be best to stack your stockpile of assets with vector illustrations (some are allowed to utilize vector designs on the web). You will actually want to resize and alter the design however much you need without losing any of its quality. 

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CorelDraw is a free and exceptionally mainstream alternative to Adobe Illustrator. In the software, you will discover a considerable lot of Illustrator’s features, so in case you are on a careful spending plan, perhaps this program will be a decent start for you. 

Adobe Photoshop 

Another well-known program in the Adobe family. Adobe Photoshop is a raster-based program which implies it is a perfect decision for editing photos. In the event that you feel more comfortable utilizing Photoshop for every one of your designs, ensure you create them in the greatest resolution and at least 200 dpi. 

Online T-shirt design creators 

Fortunately for all enthusiasts who don’t have any involvement in professional visual communication software and don’t intend to start utilizing one, you can still design your own T-shirt using on-the-web T-shirt design producer tools. Such online tools are an excellent spot for fledglings. They permit you to fabricate your own design without having any genius visual depiction abilities.

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Presently, essentially, there are numerous T-shirt design tools on the market – some are pretty basic and limited in features, others – way further developed, permitting to experiment more. 

Our attention falls on the second category of online T-shirt creator tools. Here are a few standard features: 

  • intuitive and easy to use interfaces; 
  • a library with realistic assets – symbols, images, illustrations, natural ornaments, pictures; 
  • premade T-shirt design templates; 
  • typography options – fonts and sizes; 
  • a function to transfer your own assets – logos, designs, characters, photos, etc.; 
  • identify the best position and size of the composition on the garment; 
  • pick an appropriate shading and style of the garment; 

What’s more, if you’d prefer to go a little further and investigate the possibilities of getting a T-shirt printing machine for yourself, perhaps you should start by exploring the best printers for heat transfer on T-shirts.

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