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The idea of American essay writing

Now that you are about to join college or are in it already, you will do a lot of writing. There is not one college in his world that does not have writing assignments. American essay writing or not, there are many other assignments that you will have to face. That notwithstanding, you need to have an idea of how to go about the process.

First things first

Your skills in essay writing are pivotal in ensuring you have good grades. Time management is another aspect you need to consider even before you can start any assignment. Even though the writing is essential, you will agree that it’s a daunting task, especially if the two aspects highlighted above come into play.

Writing is a skill

Let’s demystify this aspect first. The fact remains that a skill is something you can learn. As a committed student, you need practice, patience, and focus on acquiring this skill. It’s time to dissect the idea of American essay writing.

What makes it unique?

  • Take a Stand

Unlike the normal essay assignments you are used to, American essays require you to take a stand rather than choose a side from many perspectives.  Simply put, an American essay is argumentative and opinionated. However, to make sure this skill works for you, the overall approach ought to be objective.

This is achieved using credible sources and references in your essay. It makes your points more believable and substantiated. Simply put, you must be a good researcher if you want to write something worthwhile.

  • Understand the topic

Still, on the uniqueness of theAmerican essay writing, the contents of your paper must peg on what you know. Should you handlea topic that you do notunderstand, it will manifest in the way you write.  To understand the topic or the question,you must analyze and synthesize every piece of information to achieve clarity.

Read the question severally and recognize both the dependent and the independent variables. This should help you formulate a powerful thesis statement.

The above two aspects are probably what stands out most as far as American essays are concerned.  The rest of theaspects apply in every essay writingassignment, and now it falls squarely on your skills to develop an exciting masterpiece.

The common aspects in essay writing

Whether American or otherwise, all academic essays must peg on an idea and utilize evidence, analysis, and interpretation. Irrespective of length, the contents of the essays you write will depend on your level of education. In this case, you are a university student who musthave a deep understanding of your subject of studyandyour course requirements.

The most common aspects applied by most successful essay writers include:

  • Preparation – choose a topic, research on it, and formulate a simple outline
  • Writing process – start your argument in the introduction, discuss it in the main body using evidence and finish with a reasonable conclusion.
  • Revision –check your essay paying attention to the content, organization,grammar, spelling, and the forming of the entire paper.

Of importance to note here is that even though you are involved in American essay writing,the process is no linear. Sometimes you might dwell on different stages severally in the writing process. This is not unique to the American style only but applies even in other essays.

For instance, you may come across some helpful text and decide it can be applied in the body of your essay. You may also be required to reread as you try to trace some specific information. This is what makes the writing process non-linear.

Let’s continue with the process of American essay writing, shall we?

The problem and thesis statement

The current information makes it easy foryou to develop a problem. Based on the information you have on the topic, you can crafta thesis statement that combines all the central ideas of your argument. This is discussed in thebody of your essay.

Remember when we said an American essay requires you to take a stand? Now your thesis statement can either be persuasive or informative. Choosing aclear thesis requires you to present your opinion backed by evidence. The informative thesis demands a descriptive conclusion or a compare and contrast end.

You must use any means necessary to prove your point, especially if you make a valid and logical argument.

A compelling introduction

Your introductory paragraph houses your thesis statement. This makes the reader aware of the tone of the essay and what it’s going to discuss. The introduction gives the background of the essay and explains the problem under investigation.

The body of the essay

American essay writing demands three-pointers and arguments. Every paragraph that you write should support your thesis statement. You must be very clear and concise on every point and present theevidence accordingly.

Should you wander from the significant point, you must trace your way back to the thesis statement. This is why your paragraphs must have a topic sentence that supports the major argument of your essay.

A meaningful conclusion

Your conclusion may include take-aways, specific findings, and recommendations. It can also call for further action on the topic. Make sure you do not repeat yourself on the conclusion but make certain relevant aspects are mentioned.

However, the conclusion is written depending on the purpose of the essay. If you have actual findings, you will have a valid ad objective conclusion of your writing.

Citations and references

Essay writing generally does not require references, but it depends on the instructions. When writing an American essay requires you to include citations and references for some statements. Use both primary and secondary sources.

There is not much difference between American essays and other types of essays. Only afew pointers, but it is a necessary skill to learn.

When writing, help is necessary

With all the resources available to you, there comes a time when you do not feel like writing any assignment. More specifically, involving yourself in American essay writing may not be what you want.

Luckily, we live in a world of possibilities, and writing is not left behind either. There is an easy way of handling such an assignment for you. EssayV provides you with a solution to any writing, and more specifically, academic essay assignments.

We understand the importance of academic excellence achieved through high grades. EssayV makes it easy for the student toacquire the right skills in writing all kinds of academic papers. So, ifyou are faced with a challenge in your assignments, we are gladly ready to assist you in any academic way possible.

The uniqueness of EssayV

We all face challenges that are universal. However, how we surmount these challenges is what matters. If you want to have a trusted service that guarantees you excellence, then EssayV is the best option for you.


Among the many reasons thatEssayV boasts of is being reliable. Thousands of students have used our services with various assignments which have needdelivered on time. Reliability also means meeting expectations. Our expert writers engage in American essay writingthat pays attention to every ounce of detail therein.

If you are looking for writing solutions, then EssayV is the best choice for you.

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