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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Snapchat?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Snapchat?

Social media platforms have become a vital part of everyday lives. There is hardly a population that is not leveraging social media to connect with their loved ones and people across the globe. 

Thanks to social apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. 

Every app is best on its own, but if we talk about the global popularity, Snapchat is at its peak. 

This is because of the alluring geo-filters, location, lenses, video calling, 24 hours conversation. It is the most secure platform for social conversions.  

People can easily follow their favorite celebs, check out their daily routines, and so on. The popularity increased so much that last year the platform generated around $2.5 billion in revenue. Online communication is a vital part of our everyday lives. 

This is why several firms, entrepreneurs, and developers are out to create a Snapchat clone app with the same standard features. 

But they get confused to give it a try as the lack of cost is needed to develop an app like Snapchat. 

Here is a brief overview of the cost of creating an app like Snapchat.  

Snapchat: A Brief Introduction

Before we get closer to the cost, first let us know about what Snapchat is. It is a mobile app where users can message, chat, make calls, do video calls, post pictures, share short videos, and create content stories. 

With attractive features like location, filters, drawing, and status, their content is more interactive and engaging. People on this platform can connect with their favorite ones and share their daily experiences daily.  


Features That Make Snapchat Different From Others

Video Calls: One can easily enjoy video calls over this platform by having a good internet connection. 

Self-destruction chats: In Snapchat, conversations get removed by themselves after 24 hours if not saved, showing the platform’s security.

Stories sharing: In this platform, you can easily share your regular stories and also share with the people you chat with. In this way, it keeps your daily life activities up on the social media world.

Ample filters: Snapchat comprises a versatile range of features that users can use and enhance their looks, make funny faces, improve their backgrounds, and so on. The filters make it easy for them to click fascinating photos. 

Audio calls: People who do not like to have video chats can also have audio calls on Snapchat. 

24-hour story:  The app allows users to share the story depicting their favorite moments that they want to share socially. The story remains for 24 hours. 

Factors Impacting The Cost Needed To Create An App Like Snapchat

For the ones who are deciding and looking forward to building an app like Snapchat. Here are a few constraints that need to be considered for estimating the exact cost of apps like Snapchat. 

Team And Their Hourly Rates

Undoubtedly, for building and developing apps, several professionals come together for creating an app. 

From designers, developers, quality analysts to project managers, the team creates an app like Snapchat. When you choose a team, the hourly rate to create an app varies from $60 to $200. The price can go with the expertise, level, and skill set of the team involved in making the app. 

App platform

Another thing that matters is the cost of creating an app is the platform used to develop the Snapchat-like app. 

There are two most used platforms like Android and iOS, and the cost of using both differ in their context. 

It becomes hard to identify which platform needs to be used that is reasonable as app expertise also matters. 


Again, the next factor determining the cost of creating a Snapchat app is its design. As the more complex the design, the more will be the price to develop the app. 

There are three kinds of design processes that are used while creating apps like Snapchat. Here are they: 

  • The first is wireframing, which requires around 14 to 140 hours. The rest I can increase or decrease based on complexity. The price of designing an app using wireframing is approx. $50 per hour. 
  • The next designing platform is UI design which is most common and takes up to 14 to 210 hours. And the cost needed to create a design using this platform is around $700-10,500. Rest can increase or decrease with time. 
  • The third and last designing process is the UX design which ranges from 7 hours to 200 hours. And the cost of it varies from $350 to $10,000. The more complex the UX design the more the pricing will be. 

Cost Based on Feature Included in Building Snapchat Like App

Now, the Snapchat app comprises several features that make it the most acceptable social media platform. 

To make an app like Snapchat, it is a must to include all the standard features. Thereby the more the components are included within the clone platform. 

The more will be the cost. Let’s have a closer look at the price needed in adding different features.

FeaturesTime Required Cost According To Time
Self-destructing messagingApprox 30-40 hours    $1,500 – 2,000
RegistrationApprox 125 hours$6,000
NotificationsAround 40 hours$1500 to $2,000
QR code recognition algorithms development2 to 5 hours$100 to $ 300
Adding Geolocation30 to 40 hours$ 1500 to $ 1600
Adding pictures and videosAround 300 hoursApprox $ 2000
Audio and video calls180-220 hoursAround $12,000

Total Cost Estimation To Make An App Like Snapchat

As discussed above, the cost can vary with the inclusion of features, the firm you choose, the design you plan, and the hours you took. 

On average, the total cost to create an app like Snapchat is approximately $70,000 to $ 80,000. Rest the variation can come with time, trend and future algorithm, and users choices.

Summing Up

Building an app like Snapchat is not easy as it seems. There are several factors that one needs to consider to make it effective. 

However, the article covers it all for the people who don’t give it a try due to the cost issues. Hope with this now you are clear about what budget you should have when planning for Snapchat-like apps. 

Knowing funding and costs in advance makes it easy to manage things, avoid financial crunches, and have a smooth workflow at the end. 

Keep reading, exploring, and researching for more information and news about apps and their like app creation costs in detail. 

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