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A Few Tips For Office Removals

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A Short Checklist For Office Removals

Moving office can be challenging, but a good plan for before, during, and after moving will help you succeed, and minimize any disruptions.

If you are preparing to move the office, take a look at these few steps that might help you.

Notify all members of the team about moving date

The first step when office moving is to decide on a date and then let everybody know. Notify every employee and customer of the address change. Make sure office staff have enough time to pack everything. Do not leave it till the last minute.

Create an inventory of all equipment and furniture for moving

When planning an office removal, make an inventory list of every item that will be moved, as well as the list of items that will stay behind prior to the move. It will help you to stay on track with packing and checking if everything has been moved.

Plan transport- book professional office removal company

Don’t try to move everything yourself. It is better to leave it to professionals. So once you know what you’ll be moving book office removal company. They will give you the price and tell you how long the move can take. The removal company will do all the heavy lifting for you, and can even help with packing, disassembly of bigger furniture, and assembly in the new place. When booking professionals, ask them about extra services they offer.

Separate valuable equipment for transport

It is important to categorize items for removal. Separate valuable items and talk to your mover about them before you agree to a moving contract. This will cover you if any problems arise. If you don’t notify your office removal company, and something valuable get damaged, you might have problems with compensation. It might be necessary to let the removal company know how much all the valuable items are worth. Document everything and take the pictures of items before moving that show their condition, as it might be needed for insurance purposes.

Packing and labelling of documents and other stuff

Each member of staff should pack and label items from their own desk. Documents before packing should be reviewed, archived, or recycled. Bigger offices should use a labelling system, for example colour coded for every department. Most of the documents from filing cabinets could stay inside them and only label furniture as well as secure the drawers with tape. All IT equipment should be properly turned off on the last day, and ready  the removal company to pack it properly.

Prepare and protect all digital data while moving

Anything can happen during an office move, so make sure you protect all the sensitive data. IT department should back up the data in a secure location, on USB flash drives, and hard drives. A wise option is to pack digital data and all the systems into separate boxes and even transport them with different vehicles than all the other office items. In case of any emergency, not everything will be lost.

Prepare electrical waste and old office furniture to recycle

With every office move, companies leave behind some old items. Some of them are broken beyond repair and some are just old but still in good condition. So put on the side everything that in your opinion goes to waste, and leave it till the end. Every old chair, filing cabinet, desk, printer, telephone, monitor, etc. should be reused or recycled. It can be done with the help of office removal professionals.

Old office clearance

Once everything is moved, it is time to clear the old office space. A company that was dealing with your office moving might be offering office clearance services as well. When booking make sure to ask about it. Office removal people can help with clearing anything that you left behind. Whether it is some old furniture, broken electronics, or anything unusable, they will be disposed of correctly and when possible reused and recycled.

Remember to plan in advance and keep your checklist handy when moving office as the whole experience can be difficult and complicated.

Let’s hope you made it through office relocation without too much stress and unnecessary surprises with our few tips.

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