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A Complete Guide to the 10 Different Types of Sarees in India

The saree has a long history in Indian fashion and is a major element of the country’s culture. In India, the nine yards of elegance vary from place to place. Each one is unique in terms of charm and style.  

There are various forms of sarees in India that add beauty to Indian culture and tradition. The saree has a long history, going all the way back over 6000 years. It’s a three-piece garment made up of unstitched pieces of cloth draped as a lower garment.  

Chest band and a piece tucked over the shoulder. A pleat at the waist makes it easier to walk. Which became an important element of Indian tradition. 

There is a lot of intricate work and craftmanship in different regions of our country. With intricate weaving techniques to natural dyeing and printing process. All have their uniqueness from region to region. 

Today, we are talking about the 10 different types of sarees. From different regions with different styles from our country. 

Banarasi Saree

It is the most popular and classic style of saree originated from the spiritual aura of Banaras. Weaved in silk thread with floral and Butti motifs followed with vibrant colors. It’s a complete piece of handwoven artistry. 

Gold and silver Zari was used to weave the Banarasi Sari in the royal era. Soft silk thread was used to make the silk threads. But economically it’s very high now. Nowadays there have been many variations in banarasi sarees too. 

Most of the celebrities adapt it for their weddings. It is the must-have piece in your look books. 

Kanjeevaram Saree

Kanjeevaram Saree has had an exquisite appearance. It has bright colors, magnificent borders, and beautiful silk threads. 

They are Authentic bridal sarees from Tamil Nadu. which is popular across the country for special celebrations. Made of fine mulberry silk thread and have a Delicate elegance and grace. The sarees have a characteristic gold tinge which enhances the beauty of the wearer. 

Many celebrities mostly Rekha Ji love the Kanjeevarm saree. And made the style her identity with a charming aura. 

Chanderi Saree

It is the beautiful masterpiece introduced by the breeze aura of Madhya Pradesh. Different Chanderi patterns incorporate traditional currency, floral art, peacocks, and modern geometric shapes. Used as a motif. 

The saris are particularly known for their gold and silver brocade. Zari, exquisite silk, and extravagant embroidery, and are among the best masterpiece. It has sheer texture, luxurious feels, and is lighter in weight. It’s a recommendation to try your hand with the style. 

Paithani Sarees

The magnificent piece of nine yards from the roots of Maharashtra is perfect to shine in grace. It comes with peacock and bird motifs covering contrasting Pallu. With gold and Zari threads hand weaved delicately. 

It comes in a variety of kaleidoscopic colors. In the local Language, the Dhoop-Chao effect gives it a vibrant look. Mostly Maharashtrian brides prefer it for their weddings. It’s amazing if you make it part of your wardrobe. 

Patola Sarees

Patola is the most intricate work of art from the lavishing aura of Gujarat. It is a double ikat woven sari manufactured in Patan, Gujarat. It is predominantly made of silk. 

Patola sarees are reversible and look the same on both sides credit goes to a unique method. They’re also well-known for their bold colors and geometric patterns. A single Patola saree takes four to six months to weave, making it incredibly expensive. 

Jamdani Sarees

From the loving aura of Bengal, jamdani sarees are very popular in most of the region. Due to Bengali origins, most Jamdanis theme sari is deeply linked to the culture of Bengal. 

The Handloom Jamdani Saree is currently in India with a jar of brocade. Has classic styles and patterns. The “Silk by Cotton” weave of moulin gives a sheering effect. 

Its zigzag pattern stands out against a nicely woven cloth base. The saree is completely a masterpiece. 

Bandhej Sarees 

From the colorful aura of Rajasthan, the saree has its charm. The Bandhej saree is dazzling and bright colored, embellished using the tie-dye method. It is typically hand-dyed with natural hues. 

For festive occasions, married women prefer the latest sarees. Even it comes with silk and Zari works with the Tye-dye technique of intricate bandhej work. It emits the culture of Rajasthan very delicately. 

Kalamkari Saree 

Kalamkari sarees are a great masterpiece of hand-painted art from the land of Andhra. Originated from Iran the art followed out in a few regions of Andhra Pradesh 

What makes it unique is a Srikala Hasti style of art. Where kalam “pen” draws the freehand floral and figured motif. Filled with natural colors. 

The saree comes in warm earthy shades with some Zari Borders. Which makes it more elegant and Beautiful. 

Ikat Saree

It comes from the traditional regions of Orissa. The saree for women is a great piece of artistry. It is the elaborated process of dyeing cotton and silk fabric. With intricate tying procedure before weaving. 

The style is quite formal and subtle but needs a great time of handwork and techniques. 

It takes months or a year to make one ikat saree. That’s what makes it more expensive. 

Chickankari Saree

Chikankari is a magnificent cloth that comes from the Nawabi city of Lucknow. Chikankari sarees are beautiful themselves. But the exquisite embroidery adds so much more grace to it. The sarees have intricate embroidery in soothing pastel colors.  

Trust an elegant Chikan Kari to get everyone’s attention with style. Themes that are reminiscent of Persian handicrafts are the motifs of Chickankari. 

The amazing fancy saree is a very much trendy and must-have thing in your wardrobe. 

We tried our best to give you knowledge about a few traditional sarees from our culture. Select what makes you look great. You can easily get sarees online from a different city to your doorsteps.  

Saree shopping is very easy now you just click and get what you want at your doorsteps. Read our one more blog upon Salwar Suit.

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