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7 fabulous experiences to enjoy on a Mumbai to Goa cruise

Going on a Mumbai Goa cruise is one of the best experiences you can enjoy during a vacation or simply over the weekend. Cruises allow you to book your tickets online with ease. You can board the cruise along with your family and loved ones to spend some quality time with them.

Planning to head on these cruises? Here are 7 fabulous experiences you must enjoy while being on it.

  • Onboard casino

While being on your cruise vacation, you should check if there is an onboard casino available for the passengers to enter and have a good time. You can enter these casinos and try your luck on the wheel or even on professional tables. Cruises provide you with professional dealers for their passengers to have even more fun and clear any doubts.

  • Outdoor movie nights

Cruises have movie nights on deck where every passenger is invited and welcomed. You can enjoy movies on the deck of the cruise under the shining stars to make your night more memorable. Most cruises have the list and timings of the movies that are going to be screened placed on the notice board. This helps the passengers know the movies and timings of the movies and not miss their favourite movie.

  • DJ nights

What is better than having a DJ night while being on a cruise amidst the ocean? While being on your cruise vacation, you are provided with that! You can enter the DJ nights with your friends and have an amazing time with your friends. Cruises have bars too offering a range of the finest spirits. They may ask you to provide them with a government ID stating that you are above the legal age.

  • Shore excursions

Cruises provide you with a guide during your onshore excursions during your cruise vacation to your preferred destination. These guides plan all your onshore activities and places to visit during your halt at the destination. It helps you avoid waste time in deciding which place to visit and plans your entire onshore itinerary.

  • Spa section

If you are planning to relax on your cruise vacation, you should definitely visit the spa section on the cruise. Cruises have professional staff trained to provide the passengers with spa therapies, treatments and even salon services to the people in need of it on the cruise. You could even book your treatments for various occasions such as weddings or other occasions.

  • Fitness centre

Cruises have an onboard gym for all the fitness freaks travelling along with them! They have trainers that people could consult with regarding their health and the nutrition they need to follow on the cruise. This allows the passengers to mix their fun along with their daily training and exercise during their cruise trip.

  • Exclusive reading zone

For all the book lovers who love to read in a quiet and calm ambience, cruises provide them with a special exclusive reading zone. These reading zones often have spectacular ocean views along with an interesting and vast collection of books for the passengers to select from.

We hope that this article proved to be useful and you enjoy these fabulous experiences on your cruise from Mumbai to Goa. Thank you!

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