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6 types of aluminium windows

aluminium windows

Windows play a crucial part in framing the appearance of a house. To match the color and theme of your room, you choose a suiting curtain. You’ll always try to choose the best material for your windows. For correct installation, you’ll also need to find manufacturers and dealers that provide top-quality products and services. Whether you’re building a new project or you want to replace the old damaged windows, aluminium windows are a great choice.  

Aluminium is a common choice of material to make windows. It is because the metal is cheap, sturdy, and rust-proof. Windows are exposed to sunlight, dust, moisture, and rain. To cater to the needs of a wide range of customer bases, aluminium windows come in various shapes and settings. You can choose from a range of styles, hardware, and glass types. This article aims to describe the different types of aluminium windows that are popular today.  

Types of aluminium windows 

1. Fixed windows: 

Fixed aluminium windows do not have the option of opening or shutting. These windows are generally quite large that allow sunlight to pass through. As facades are often more windows than walls, they are also responsible for thermal performance, noise insulation, and energy conservation. Virgin grade aluminium is one of the best types of aluminium that is used to make windows that can last for decades. 

2. Tilt and turn windows:

Tilt and turn windows are required in spaces that need regular ventilation. A living room which is occupied for a long time is an example where this kind of window is needed. These are operated by a multi-functional handle and therefore very convenient. To open the window you have to tilt it inwards from the bottom and to close it, rotate the handle in the opposite direction. The product is quite ideal for high-rise buildings where ease of cleaning is an essential factor. So, you get excellent ventilation, thermal efficiency, and easy cleaning. Tilt and turn windows are mostly used for large spaces. So, these are ideal for windows leading to flat roofs and balconies.  

3. Casement windows:  

Casement windows are made to block winds. Hence, the product is ideal for houses located at the forefront of a strong wind source. The window is hinged at the side and opens outwards. Thus, you can open it to let the winds seep in form of a light breeze. They are quite secure too as the casement locks are fixed into the frame. 

4. Sliding windows: 

Sliding aluminium windows are the most common type of windows used worldwide because of the ease of operation. Unlock and slide to open and slide on to opposite direction to close. So, there’s no hassle of turning locks and bolts to operate the window. To improve the energy efficiency of your home, you can glaze them. A slim design and sliding mechanism offer unobstructed views and make it a very low-maintenance product. 

5. Bi-fold windows: 

Bi-fold aluminium windows are a little on the expensive side and are made for both residential and commercial spaces. They can be configured to open both inwards and outwards. The windows are stacked at the side when opened and thus offer an undisturbed space in between the frames. Bi-fold windows are easy to clean and don’t require much maintenance either. 

6. Side hung windows 

Side hung windows are very common in modern households. The window is hinged at the top and bottom and it opens at a side angle, same as doors. You can clean the glass panes from inside your room.

How to choose the right kind of aluminium window?

The right kind of aluminium window for your apartment depends on the area in which you are installing the window. For example, a large opening needs a large window which is very heavy. Spaces like these need fixed windows. Otherwise, if you want an ample amount of sunlight to enter your living room, you could choose between sliding windows or bi-fold windows. Or if you have a small space and ventilation is your primary concern, tilt and turn windows are a great choice. While making the final choice, think about the amount of safety you need. 

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