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4 Things You Should Not Do to Your Roof

Extreme weather can result in roof damage, as well as other natural disasters. Sometimes, however, human error or a temporary lapse in judgment may lead to you seeking roofing assistance

Homeowners often incur unforeseen, additional costs due to avoidable mistakes. These four roof-related activities, which can be very costly, should be avoided so you don’t get caught in this expensive trap.

Walking on your roof

Whenever you choose to set up a ladder and climb onto your roof, you should always pause and think twice. As well as the potential to fall off the roof, your walking on it may result in actual damage to the roof.

Asphalt shingles can become bare or dislodged when you walk on them, and this can lead to leaks. In general, it is recommended that you stay off the roof as much as possible, but unavoidable incidents may prevent you from doing so.

Wear shoes that provide traction when climbing on your roof to remove debris after a storm or to sweep away leaves piling up. After you climb, sweep away any leaves or debris to reveal any moisture that might cause you to slip.

Patching a leak

You may have a leaky roof for many reasons, but an inclement weather-related problem is a common one in Florida. To expedite the process, homeowners sometimes feel tempted to patch leaks themselves, but that’s not normally a wise decision.

Climbing up onto a roof inexperiencedly, especially if it has been damaged by the weather, will increase the chances of an accident. In addition, they might not be addressing the real problem, which could worsen the situation.

Roof Leak are caused by a variety of issues, including cracked flashing, broken shingles, incorrectly sealed valleys, rusted nails, and clogged gutters. However, you can prevent future roof leaks by taking a few simple steps.

Letting mold and mildew build-up

It’s not always about what you do to your roof, but what you don’t do. If you live in Florida, it is common to have mold, mildew, and black algae growing on your roof due to the rain, wind, and humidity.

As well as looking unappealing, mold, mildew, and persistent algae can significantly compromise your roof’s integrity. Hire a roofing contractor Hattiesburg, MS that provides roof washing services to help protect your shingles and prevent growth in the future. It’s much more gentle and lasting when you leave it to the professionals-we use Roof-A-Cide roof cleaner.

Cleaning with chlorine bleach solutions can cause significant roof damage, discoloration, and a perpetual washing cycle that causes roof discoloration. In addition, when a professional roofer works on your roof, they will be able to detect any other issues that may exist.

Pressure washing your roof

While keeping your roof clean is important, pressure washing is not a good alternative if you decide to handle it yourself. Despite the irony, improper washing is one of the reasons that roofs deteriorate and deteriorate prematurely, mainly from repeated applications of harsh chemicals with high pressure.

It’s no more complicated than that. Your roof shingles can erode over time due to the corrosive effects of water. Can you imagine what high-pressure water is capable of? You will have roof leaks due to erosion, which drastically reduces the lifespan of your roof. Matlock Roofing can answer all of your roofing questions in Hattiesburg, MS before you make a mistake that could land you on this list.

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