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3 ways to engage people via great school website design

school website developer

As far as school website design is concerned, you should always take a strategic approach. As a good school website developer would always tell you, your school website is the primary source of information for students and parents – be it about the courses on offer, the list of extracurricular activities, upcoming events, and more.

As with any web design project, a beautiful and engaging website relies on a robust CMS or content management system – one that comes with the right bells and whistles. A good CMS is particularly important for schools that don’t have a big budget for fancy websites and yet want a functional website. A reliable CMS allows easy navigation and helps in making changes and edits to the content posted on the site. In fact, once you’ve zeroed in on the features that you’d need in the custom CMS, you can have the school website developer start building the website.

Here’s how to offer an immersive user experience to parents and students.

  • A clean and easy navigable design: Let’s face it – a clean and minimalist design works in almost all industry verticals, and education websites are no different. In fact, a cluttered website with content overload can often be very distracting. People do not stick around to read irrelevant content or click unnecessarily just to find the information they need.
  • White space – This is the space between different design elements of the website. It can be used to differentiate design elements, draw people’s attention to anything particular, and even guide people through the site. Some of the best websites strike a fine balance between content and white space.
  • Consistent fonts and colors – As far as branding is concerned, visual consistency is particularly important. Your site should stick to 2 to 3 fonts and only use colors that reflect the school’s brand. Try being consistent across all the pages of the school site. Do not deviate from the design.
  • Easy navigation – A well-designed user-friendly website has high-value pages and other necessary content within easy reach. Make sure that the site has an easy navigation menu – so that people can find relevant information without having to wade through tons of content.
  • Include strong imagery: Humans process images about 60,000 faster than any other form of data, and this is why pages with visuals seem far more attractive to us. Also, sites with images or videos draw about three times more views than plain content-based counterparts. So, it’s always a great strategic approach to make use of images and videos wherever possible.
  • Feature original images – Generic stock images hold little value to people, and thus, you should instead use original high-quality images of the school. You can try using images of students, classrooms, and the campus.
  • Use image carousels – When you have multiple images to share on certain pages of the site, a professional school website developer would use an image carousel. It offers a clean and minimalist design that proves extremely effective.
  • Follow web accessibility guidelines: Always make sure that the website complies with the web accessibility guidelines, so that even people with minor impairments or disabilities can access information and interact with the site.

Key takeaway

When used correctly, the tips and guidelines we’ve listed here, can be a real game-changer for your school. So, take time and try to bring about strategic changes to the site. All this would not only make the site much more accessible to a larger audience, but the enhanced design would make it much more user-friendly and functional. Building a school site is not only crucial for business, but it also engages students and parents. In fact, it creates a lasting impression and helps people stay connected with the institution at ease.

A good and professional school website developer would incorporate these tips and see to it that your site is aesthetically pleasing and meets the requirements.

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