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3 Men’s Clergy Jackets You Need in Your Wardrobe

Being a member of the clergy is a role that is meaningful, powerful, and necessary. Your parishioners come to you for guidance and absolution, ultimately relying on you for discovering their utmost happiness and joy through their Faith. They listen intently to your message and the Good Word that you work diligently to put together and preach.

However, there is a part about being a clergy member that isn’t talked about often enough: the clerical wear. There is an abundance of garments that you need to wear for various occasions, events, and holidays. You also need to be sure that you wear specific colors in order to properly portray particular messages which correlate with holidays and certain days.

If you are already aware of the aforementioned points, then you must already know how difficult it can be to find the best options for these garments. Clothing items that are breathable, forgiving, vibrant, high-quality, and dependable.

Fortunately, that’s where Divinity Clergy Wear comes in. All of their offerings are of the highest quality and are made specifically for members of the clergy so they can be comfortable during any and all conditions.

Just one example of their fine offerings is their men’s clergy jackets. Let’s have a closer look at their top three clergy jackets for men so you can be one step closer to preaching in comfort and style.

1.Gershon Clergy Jacket
When it comes to clerical jackets, the Gershon is one of the best options for men of the clergy. This is due to a number of reasons. The “Gershon” from Divinity Clergy Wear is a full-cut garment that has a stunning design of brocade.

Brocade is a woven, but patterned fabric that looks similar to paisley in this jacket, but a touch more elegant and subtle. The brocade appears on the jacket front, while the sleeves are not in order to add a sense of sleek style.

The cuffs are admirable as well. They have the brocade pattern but are also embroidered with crosses of traditional style. This practical and finely-crafted jacket comes in either black or white.

2.Preacher Clergy Jacket
For a refined jacket with an elegant hint of style, then look no further than the Preacher Clergy Jacket. The majority of the jacket is one solid color with vibrant trim piping.

This contrast is one that is both entrancing and unobtrusive. Plus, each of the cuff’s embroidery of a cross perfectly matches that contrasting color. You also can choose from several color options:

●Black with red
●White with red
●Royal blue with gold
●White with purple
●Black with gold
●Black with purple
●Black with green
●Black with gold

Whatever color combination you choose, you will undoubtedly look and feel good in your new Preacher Jacket!

3.Asbury Clergy Jacket
Yet another meritable clergy jacket for men is the Asbury style. The cuffs are one of the most prominent parts of this jacket– and for a good reason. They are made of satin, which provides a shimmery element to the entire garment. Plus, satin is naturally soft to the touch! A win-win for onlookers and your comfort.

Atop the satin of each cuff, there is an embroidered cross for an added aesthetic element. The rest of the jacket’s trim piping matches the color of the cuffs, while the rest of the jacket is of a contrasting color. There is also an embroidered bible on the breast of the jacket, too, furthering its stunning look.

Which of these men’s clergy jackets will you choose to add to your clerical garment collection? If you have any questions about Divinity Clergy Wear and their offerings, be sure to give them a call at 877-453-3535.

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