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2021 Software Development Trends

It used to take 15 minutes to make a trunk call, but now it takes less than a second to reach anyone in the world. The software area is undergoing a lot of development as it is slowly becoming the backbone of the computer world.

You could be interested in the future of such new and upcoming technologies if you follow software development news and technology trends. This is why we decided to compile a list of the top and most recent software development technologies.

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1.    Internet of Things (IoT):

We all know the Internet of Things has come a long way; from smartphones to automobiles, everything is equipped with sensors that allow an object to be watched or data acquired. Finally, we can say that the Internet of Things has made a significant impact on people’s daily lives. Obviously, to get the most out of IoT, it is necessary to combine it with other technologies like AI and Big Data, still, it is considered as one of the most crucial advances in computing.

Furthermore, the ongoing COVID pandemic has hastened the adoption of tech-driven healthcare transformation, implying that virtual visit numbers will soon be in the billions. As a result, in 2021, healthcare software development systems will surely benefit from the latest software development technologies.

2.    Low-Code Development:

We all know that work-from-home policies have skewed corporate outcomes. Never before has there been such a constant requirement for IT departments to keep everything running smoothly. Developers who had spent years honing their skills and were critical of low-code platforms questioned if such platforms should be considered seriously. However, today’s software development teams are accepting low-code development.

Because low-code development tools don’t need you to code an application line by line, you sketch it out like a flowchart. This makes creating strong new applications without manual coding simple and natural.

Make your firm stand out from the rest as Low-code development is the way of the future.

3.    Human Augmentation:

Do you recall the Ironman with the chip on his hand? Who was it who utilised his spider-sense on his head, Spiderman? Well, we’re not quite there yet, but the implantation of technologies inside the human body and brain will begin to progress in the following years. The goal is to improve the human experience in terms of both physical and cognitive aspects.

Powered exoskeletons are another type of human enhancement. It can be utilised by firefighters and employees who are constantly lifting heavy goods since it gives back support, sends a signal to motors, and supports humans in physical movements. We should start referring to them as Human 2.0 because it will be the most popular trend in 2021.

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4.    Augmented Reality:

For a long time, people predicted that AR will be the biggest success in 2020, and here we are. It is not only empowering the digital world, but it is also set to become popular again in 2021. One of the reasons is that it may be used in practically any architectural industry, including retail, navigation, and manufacturing.

Maps come to mind when it comes to the navigation industry. As you may be aware, 2D maps are no longer used in location-based application development, as 2020 has introduced 3D and indoor maps, as well as AR walking features, with more innovation on the way.

5.    Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality will not leave us, at least not for the next ten years, given how swiftly the game and media industries are growing. Advanced computer visions provide users with immersive, first-person perspective experiences through virtual reality. Despite the fact that video and gaming are the most popular uses of VR, the training and education sector is also expected to investigate VR in the near future.

6.    Cloud-Based Solution:

In recent years, we’ve witnessed an increase in demand for high accessibility, data recovery, and business availability. Because of on-premise solutions. Because it solely works with on-site infrastructure, many businesses and organisations have been forced to turn to cloud data centre services. Even government agencies felt compelled to adopt cloud technology. Using this service has the advantage of allowing you to pay only for what you use.

Not only that, but as more technology emerges, such as “distributed cloud,” the demand for this technology will grow even more.

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7.    Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving, virtually bursting in the previous five years. Machines can think like humans and execute activities that were previously only available to humans.

Machine control, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and the neural network are just a few of the subsets of AI that have evolved dramatically in the last five years. Human support and customer service have been supplanted by AI chatbots. In native app development, the application of AI and machine learning has begun to improve customer experience and app usability. They’ve eliminated practically all human interaction and made it less prone to errors.

AI is now being used in demand and supply chain tools to cut costs by forecasting stock levels and reordering delivery.

8.    Progressive Web Apps (PWA):

Android app developers have recognised the drawbacks of websites and mobile apps in recent years, resulting in the creation of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

They are relatively simple to develop and maintain, which is why so many mobile native app development businesses are interested in them. Furthermore, even with a slow internet connection, these programs can be loaded quickly.

PWAs combine the ease of browsing websites from any browser with the hardware-software capabilities of mobile apps, such as machine learning, for the native platform.

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